OpenGFW for Security firewall


OpenGFW is a tool designed to bypass internet censorship, primarily used to circumvent China's Great Firewall (GFW). This tool was developed to bypass filtering of TCP/UDP packets, unlike conventional methods such as VPNs or proxies.

OpenGFW is designed to be user-friendly, with easy setup and usage. Additionally, being open-source and freely available, anyone can use it.

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OpenGFW helps evade restrictions at a network level, allowing users to bypass website blocks and communication monitoring. By using this tool, one can have more freedom to access information on the internet.

OpenGFW stands out for enabling faster and more effective circumvention compared to other methods like VPNs or proxies. It is highly customizable and allows users to tailor it to their needs.

If you feel constrained by internet censorship, consider using OpenGFW to bypass restrictions and achieve unrestricted internet access.

OpenGFW OSS Use Cases

OpenGFW OSS is utilized in web development to enhance security and access control. Common use cases include:

Use Case 1: Enhancing Web Application Security

By utilizing OpenGFW OSS, one can prevent unauthorized access and attacks on web applications. For example, OpenGFW OSS is used to protect web applications from DDoS attacks and SQL injections.

Use Case 2: Security Management in Microservices Architecture

In the increasingly popular microservices architecture, where multiple small services interact, security management is crucial. OpenGFW OSS can restrict communication and access between services, ensuring security.

Use Case 3: Part of a Multi-Layer Defense System

OpenGFW OSS is integrated as part of a multi-layer defense system to enhance security. Combining it with other security measures like firewalls and vulnerability scans can achieve higher security levels.

Reasons for using OpenGFW OSS include its flexibility, open-source nature, and community support that offer information and assistance easily.

This outlines detailed use cases and features of OpenGFW OSS.

The Firewall feature in OpenGFW OSS monitors network traffic and enforces permission or denial based on set policy rules.

OpenGFW's source code is primarily divided into different packages each with specific functions:

  1. engine
  • Contains firewall engine code for packet analysis and policy rule application.
  1. drivers
  • Provides drivers for hardware and software, enabling integration in different environments.
  1. utils
  • Offers general utility functions for common processing.
  1. tests
  • Contains test code to ensure proper functionality of each package.
  1. documentation
  • Includes documents detailing OpenGFW usage and development guides.

For more information and code details, refer to the GitHub repository (

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