Oss Backstage - Open platform for building developer portals

Benefits of Backstage Adoption

  • Integrated Developer Portal: Backstage provides an integrated portal for software developers and operations teams to access information and tools related to projects and services. This allows developers to efficiently manage products and promote collaboration.
  • Customizable Plugins: With its plugin-based architecture, Backstage allows users to add various functions and services according to their needs. This enables the construction of developer portals customized to specific development environments and tools.
  • Centralized Information Management: By adopting Backstage, information related to projects and services can be centralized and managed. This helps prevent fragmentation and duplication of information, improving overall visibility.

Adopting Companies & Community Information

  • Spotify: Spotify has adopted Backstage and is using it as an internal developer portal. The company actively participates in the development of Backstage, contributing code and bug fixes.
  • Backstage Community: Backstage is an open-source project, with developers and companies from around the world participating in the community. Active discussions and information exchange take place on platforms like GitHub, and development of new plugins and features is ongoing. The community also hosts regular online events and workshops for users to interact and share their experiences with Backstage.

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